What Students Should Expect from an Ideal Custom Essay Writing and Research Company

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Students seek a number of imperative stuff from an ideal custom essay writing and research company. The first and foremost feature which students want from the essay writing company is the excellent quality of work. This work should help the students to achieve the desired grades in their university. The level of writers’ qualification and their willingness to work hard to meet the quality expectations also matters for a student. The quality of work embraces the coverage of important aspects of the topic, the number of words, citation style and the format. The inclusion of the relevant content in the paper helps a lot in the achievement of grades by the students. Also, the writers should be hard line to provide a plagiarism free paper.

Another correlated point to the above point is the revision part. When the work delivered by the company is not as per the requirement of the client, the administrative staff needs to be supportive for the revisions. Most of the time, revision request is made when the paper is not written as per the specifications of the customer. It needs to be corrected by the company through their writers within the specified time limit. At the same time, there should be nil charges for the revisions. The company should design a revision policy in a way which provides cent percent satisfaction to the clientele.

Also, getting the paper ready on time is very crucial for a student. The company should have zero tolerance level and should deliver the paper within the agreed time frame. The writers should be competitive enough to provide the high quality work and able to meet the deadlines. The progress of the paper should be frequently communicated by the writers.

The reasonable pricing is also a component of ideal custom essay writing and research company. There are many companies in the market with attractive pricing structure. Keeping in mind all the eccentricities, the pricing policy should be designed. Also, the multiple payment options should be provided to the client. Adequate discounting feature must be included for the regular customers, as well as for the customers providing bulk work. The expensive pricing strategy may loose business in the competitive market.

The references used by the writers are very important for the students. The quality of the paper is judged from the references used. The main aim of the students is to learn from the paper prepared by the company and their writers. The text used should be cent percent original, but if any sources are used by the writers, than it should be clearly specified. The reliable references should be used by the writers. This may help the students to gain knowledge and prepare the paper themselves in the future.

The customer support of the company should be active 24/7. This team is responsible for friendly behavior with the customers and to resolve the client queries. The customer friendly attitude helps a lot to garner more business. And, when any student is dealing with the essay writing company, this is the minimum expectation from the customer support staff.

Last, but not the least, the communication process with the staff of the company should not be made cumbersome. The staff should be readily accessible via various alternative means of communication. This helps to boost the business of the company, resolving customer problems and greater customer contentment.

Hence, for the students, an ideal essay writing company should provide the excellent quality of work, revisions support if required, timely delivery of paper, reasonable pricing, reliable references, active customer support and easy communication process for the staff. All these qualities also help a company to scale the heights.

How Example Research and Model Academic Paper Services Can Help Students Become Better Learners

Learning is a dynamic process that requires continuous input and interaction with other people. The other people in this case can be teachers, fellow students, or professional tutoring companies. Students require significant examples from these sources in order to improve their learning and writing skills. These examples can be provided by the professional tutoring companies that teach the students on proper writing and research techniques. Training and adequate examples for the students ensure that most students excel in writing their essays in order to improve their grades. Without examples, it is difficult for them to learn because most of the aspects learnt seem abstract to them. Lack of adequate examples means it is difficult for students to achieve their full potential in future endeavors as they graduate and enters the working world.

Students benefit significantly from examples by enabling them to learn grammar and avoid papers that have too many grammatical mistakes. An article or a paper with grammar and spelling errors shows an extremely high level of incompetence in the writer. Incompetent writing cannot guarantee the student satisfactory grades in the examinations, which also reduces the chances of getting scholarships. A paper that has errors in its grammar and structure does not arouse the interest of the teacher or the audience. This means the audience does not appreciate the ideas expressed in the paper resulting in low grades for the student and thus loss in academic excellence.

Proper writing skills are not only essential for students but also for professionals. In the working environment, it is necessary to write reports, proposals, and letters, as well as other documents. If professionals fail to learn effective writing, it is impossible to work effectively, achieve excellence in the work place, and be promoted. First impressions are particularly influential in the relationship between the employee and the employer. Poor writing in documents such as resumes and cover letters affects how potential employers view candidate. Bad writing results in ridicule and loss of confidence in an employee. Well-written official communications such as reports show competence of the employee. Good research writers communicate their message effectively and thus create a rapport with their audience. These people are deemed more effective as managers and gain positions of influence and prestige in companies than poor writers.

Use of example research and model academic writing services helps students sharpen their skills in referencing and citation. This is because they are guaranteed to interact with professionals that are conversant with different citation styles. By studying an article or piece of academic work that is properly referenced, it is easy for a student to notice his or he mistakes in referencing and thus correct them adequately. It is also easy for the student to learn different referencing systems and styles using model papers from professional writing services. They give the students a benchmark for their writing and referencing skills thus helping them to improve in the long run.

Becoming a proficient learner involves understanding how to tackle different questions or issues effectively. A student has a chance to how the question is tackled and organized using model academic writing services. In some areas such as law, the structure of an answer is essential in ensuring an appropriate response. Students study how the professional writer organizes his response and thus learn how to structure their papers properly.

Learning language and communication is an essential aspect of life irrespective of the profession. Students should strive to gain as much from their teachers and fellow students in class. Research writing services are beneficial for students in enabling them to study well-written papers in order to learn from them.

How to Work With students So That They Are Not Tempted to Cheat by Having Someone Else Write Their Essays

The purpose of written assignments is for students to demonstrate their understanding and ability to analyze course material. This paper will review the top ten ways of preventing students from submitting plagiarized material for academic credit instead of doing their own work.

One way to prevent students from submitting plagiarized work is to have an academic honesty policy that bans and defines plagiarism. Giving students this rule clearly states that plagiarism and trying to pass of assignments that they did not complete as their own work is wrong, and that serious consequences will occur if students commit this act. Having the rule is not the strongest form of prevention; however, the rule itself tells students that these actions are unacceptable. A stronger form of prevention is punishing students with serious consequences, up to and including expulsion from the university. The enforcement of the academic honesty policy shows that these actions are not tolerated, and that academic careers can be negatively impacted by violating this policy.

Another way to prevent this behavior is to require that students correctly cite sources in papers using a consistent format, such as APA style. This prevents students from using prewritten essays in different formats. It also puts students in the habit of citing sources instead of copying ideas without crediting original sources.

A fourth form of prevention is requiring students to submit all papers to a web site such as TurnItIn, which checks for signs of plagiarism. These types of digital systems serve as deterrence from trying to make unoriginal work appear original. Another form of deterrence is to have regular in- class, handwritten essay assignments. If a student’s assignments are drastically different in style, tone, and composition in class and outside of class, then this is a warning sign and a way for professors to detect plagiarism.

A sixth form of prevention is formulating assignments about a specific problem instead of a general concept. The specific questions make it difficult for students to use prewritten essays about broader topics. Similarly, another form of prevention is for professors to create different essay topics for each course instead of reusing the same assignment for each term. This prevents students who took the course last semester from giving their assignment to a student currently taking the course. An eighth form of prevention is to require a works cited page, or bibliography, for all assignments and spot checking these sources to verify their legitimacy and relevance in the assignment. Telling students that the bibliography will be checked for accuracy and relevance makes students think twice about making up sources or trying to copy an idea from one source but citing another instead to hide the plagiarism from the original source.

A ninth way to prevent plagiarism is to require students to submit an outline of their essay a few weeks prior to the essay deadline. This requirement makes students work on the ideas in advance, making it difficult to purchase a prewritten essay at the last minute.

A tenth way to prevent this behavior is to require individual meetings with students to review their progress on their assignment. This forces students to prepare for the meeting by doing their own research and writing instead of trying to copy others’ work.

Sometimes the threat of getting caught and suffering consequences is the strongest form of prevention. These ten ways make it difficult for students to pass off others’ work as their own and also force students to weigh the risk involved in committing plagiarism.

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